Irene Bernasconi: Who is Today’s Google Doodle persona

In many instances, the Google Doodle has surprised us by showing us something we didn’t know before. In Google’s latest Doodle, the internet giant recognizes the work of Argentinean marine biologist Irene Bernasconi, who led a mission to Antarctica in 1968 in a daring biological expedition. She performed a marine biology expedition in Antarctica for the first time on this day in 1968, becoming the first Argentine woman to do so.

Irene Bernasconi’s Early Life

Irene Bernasconi wiki

Irene Bernasconi was born on September 29, 189 in La Plata, Argentina. Her professional career began in 1918 when she became a teacher, specializing in the study of natural sciences, and she began working at the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences at the beginning of the 1920s. After that, in 1925, she published her first scientific paper with regard to marine invertebrates and molluscs.


The first taxonomic publication she published was in 1935, in which she described new species from the genus Pteraster for the first time.

Born on29 September 1896
BirthplaceLa Plata, Argentina
Died on7 July 1989 (aged 92 years)
ProfessionMarine Biologist

About Irene Bernasconi’s Google Doodle

On 7 November 2022, her picture appeared in the Google Doodle, which is accompanied by a starfish image. Irene stands on a coral reef, holding a notepad and admiring the marine life.

  • In order to construct her design, the artist used metallic wires, followed by foil paper, then clay.
  • In order to create the stunning result, you see on Google, the artist named Alyssa very carefully designed the doodle and then painted different colors over it, creating a remarkable piece of art.
  • The Google Doodle featuring Irene Bernasconi will be shown in selected regions only. For example, the Google Doodle will be shown in Argentina, the UK, Central America, and many other regions that have been selected for display.

Here are some interesting facts about Irene Bernasconi

  • Bernasconi was born on September 29, 1896, in La Plata, Argentina.
  • She became a teacher in 1918.
  • A total of 2,000 echinoderm specimens were collected during Bernasconi’s expedition, along with a variety of plant species and other living organisms.
  • A commemorative medal was awarded to the team by the Embassy of Women in America in 1969.
  • In his 50-year career, Bernasconi studied corals, sea stars, and mollusks among other marine organisms.
  • On 7 November 1968, Bernasconi became the first female Argentinean scientist to travel to Antarctica and lead an Antarctic expedition.

Some FAQs About Irene Bernasconi

Who was Irene Bernasconi?

Irene Bernasconi was an Argentine marine biologist who specialized in the study of echinoderms and is known for her work in Antarctica.

When did Irene Bernasconi die?

She died on 7 July 1989 (aged 92 years).

When was Bernasconi born?

She was born on 29 September 1896.

Where was Bernasconi from?

She was from La Plata, Argentina.

Brief summary

Today’s Google Doodle pays tribute to Argentina’s first echinoderm specialist. This echinoderm specialist spent more than 50 years searching for sea stars and other creatures of the sea. Irene Bernasconi was an Argentine marine biologist who specialized in the study of echinoderms and is known for her work in Antarctica.

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