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Kota Factory Season 2 is an Indian black and white Hindi web series created by Saurabh Khanna and directed by Raghav Subbu. The story of the series revolves around Vaibhav (Mayur More), a 16-year-old from Itarsi who moves to Kota. Here is everything you need to know about Kota Factory Season 2.

Kota Factory Season 2 Wiki

GenreComedy, Romance, Drama
DirectorRaghav Subbu
WriterAbhishek Yadav, Saurabh Khanna, Sandeep Jain
ComposerKarthik Rao, Simran Hora
EditorGaurav Gopal Jha
CinematographyJerin Paul
ProductionThe Viral Fever
Executive ProducerSameer Saxena
Associate ProducerArun Kumar, Prerna Sharma, Shreyansh Pandey
Original LanguageHindi
Release date24 September 2021
Original NetworkNetflix, TVF

Kota Factory Season 2 Main Cast

  1. Mayur More as Vaibhav Pandey
  2. Jitendra Kumar as Jeetu Bhaiya
  3. Ranjan Raj as Balmukund Meena
  4. Alam Khan as Uday Gupta
  5. Ahsaas Channa as Shivangi Ranawat
  6. Revathi Pillai as Vartika Ratawal
  7. Arun Kumar as Deepak
  8. Urvi Singh as Meenal Parekh

Kota Factory Season 2 Full Cast

  • Mayur More
  • Jitendra Kumar
  • Ranjan Raj
  • Revathi Pillai
  • Alam Khan
  • Urvi Singh
  • Ahsaas Channa
  • Harish Peddinti
  • Arun Kumar
  • Avi Singh
  • Sachin Vidrohi
  • Shivankit Singh Parihar
  • Gaurav Mishra
  • Amitabh Krishna Ghanekar
  • Kailash Sharma
  • Bhavya Dutt
  • Poojan Chhabra
  • Annpurna Sharma
  • Samarth Shandilya
  • Loveleen Mishra
  • Saurabh Khanna
  • Jyoti Gauba
  • Sameer Saxena
  • Jasmeet Singh Bhatia
  • Visshesh Tiwari
  • Deepak Kumar Mishra
  • Sudarshan Dadhich
  • Ayan Alam
  • Sachin Rana
  • Vineet Khatri
  • Munish Verma
  • Tanvi Gujrar
  • Divya Karnare
  • Deepak Simwal
  • Vaibhav Thakkar
  • Gaurang Jain
  • Rishabh Raj Sharma
  • Jp Chopra
  • Lucky Gupta
  • Namo Kaul
  • Sahil Khan
  • Rohit Sharma
  • Rohit Modi
  • Sadiya Siddiqui



Fans are upset with the teaser of the second season because Jeetu Bhaiya is missing. Students’ favorite former tutor of Physics Jitu Bhaiya has left the tuition center. The students heard this news in the first panel. But later, he makes an entry with some wise words.


The teaser also features Vaibhav, Balmukund, and Uday who are in a coaching center preparing for IIT.

Kota Factory 2 Trailer

Kota Factory Season 2 Plot

Vaibhav, a 16-year-old from Itarsi who moves to Kota, is the central character of the show. It beautifully portrays the lives and struggles of students in the city, and their efforts to get into a premier college. The second season will continue Vaibhav’s story as he decides to leave his friends and love interest behind and enroll in Maheshwari Classes.

When will Kota Factory Season 2 will release?

Kota Factory 2 is slated for release on 24 September 2021 on Netflix.

Series name: Kota Factory Season 2

Premieres on: Netflix

Premiere date: 24 September 2021

No. of episodes: 5

No. of Seasons: 2

Language: Hindi

Subtitle: English

Running time: 35-45 minutes

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Kota Factory Season 2 Episodes

Ep No.TitleRelease date
1Inventory24 Sep 2021
2Assembly Line24 Sep 2021
3Optimization24 Sep 2021
4Shutdown24 Sep 2021
5Overhaul24 Sep 2021

Where to Watch Kota Factory Season 2?

Kota Factory 2 will be available to watch on Netflix. Kota Factory is also available on YouTube and TVF.

Some FAQs about Kota Factory Season 2

Can we watch Kota Factory with family?

The series Kota Factory is definitely appropriate for you to watch with your family.

How many episodes are in Kota Factory season 2?

There are 5 episodes in season 2 of Kota Factory.

Will Kota Factory season 2 release on YouTube?

Kota Factory season 2 will premier on Netflix on September 24, 2021.

Who is Meena in Kota Factory?

Ranjan Raj has played the role of Meena in the series.

Who is Vaibhav in Kota Factory?

The character Vaibhav is played by Mayur More.

Who is Uday in Kota Factory 2?

Alam Khan portrayed the role of Uday.

Who is Meenal in Kota Factory 2?

Urvi Singh played the role of Meenal Parekh.

Is Kota Factory on Netflix?

Yes, Kota Factory is available on Netflix.

Is Kota Factory Season 2 coming?

Kota Factory Season 2 will release on 24 Sep 2021.

How to watch Kota Factory?

You can watch the series on Netflix.

Where is Kota Factory streaming?

Kota Factory will stream on Netflix.

Facts and Trivia

  • The Kota Factory is India’s first ‘Black and White’ web series that highlights the everyday struggles of IIT-JEE aspirants.
  • Kota Factory Season 2‘ is a story set in Kota, a city filled with coaching centers where students from all over the country prepare for various entrance exams. A 16-year-old boy named Vaibhav moves from Itarsi to Kota, showing the life of students there, and their quest to attain an IIT degree.
  •  The second season of the series will premiere on 24 September 2021, according to Netflix.  
  • Five episodes of the show were released on TVF Play and YouTube on 16 April 2019, and the season finale was released on 14 May 2019. 
  • It is a highly rated Indian web series on IMDb with a rating of 9.2. We recommend that you watch it if you haven’t already.  


This article provides information about one of the most popular Indian web series, “Kota Factory“. This article covers the cast and crew members of the series, the release date, and more.

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