The Birth of Armaan Malik’s Twins and the Party Controversy


Armaan Malik is a well-known YouTuber who has been in the headlines recently for his controversial personal life. Malik recently announced the birth of his twins with his first wife, Payal Malik, while simultaneously facing criticism for partying while she was in the hospital. However, the controversy surrounding Malik’s personal life goes beyond this incident.

Armaan Malik's Twins

Armaan Malik’s Second Wife Gives Birth to a Baby Boy: What’s Next for the Family?


Malik is known for being in a polygamous marriage, and he has attracted attention for announcing the pregnancies of both of his wives on Instagram. He and his second wife, Kritika Malik, recently had a baby boy named Zaid Malik, adding another child to his growing family.


Polygamy, the practice of having multiple spouses, is illegal in India, where Malik resides. However, Malik has stated that he follows the Muslim Personal Law, which allows for men to have up to four wives. Malik’s first wife, Payal, has also publicly defended their polygamous marriage, stating that she and Kritika are “sisters” and that they all live together as a family.

Despite the apparent harmony in Malik’s family, his polygamous lifestyle has sparked controversy and criticism from many. Some argue that polygamy is a regressive practice that objectifies women and goes against the principles of gender equality. Others believe that it is a personal choice and that as long as all parties involved consent to the arrangement, it should be allowed.

In addition to the controversy surrounding his polygamous marriage, Malik has also faced backlash for his behavior while his wife was in the hospital. Many have criticized him for partying and celebrating while his wife was giving birth, calling his actions insensitive and disrespectful.

Living with Two Wives: Inside Armaan Malik’s Unconventional Family

Malik’s personal life has been the subject of much scrutiny and debate. While some view his lifestyle as a personal choice, others argue that it goes against societal norms and values. As Malik continues to navigate these controversies, it remains to be seen how his personal life will affect his public image and career as a YouTuber.

  • Armaan Malik, a popular YouTuber, has recently made headlines for his controversial personal life.
  • Malik is in a polygamous marriage, which is illegal in India where he resides.
  • Malik recently announced the birth of his twins with his first wife, Payal Malik, while facing criticism for partying during her hospitalization.
  • Many have criticized Malik’s behavior, calling it insensitive and disrespectful towards his wife.
  • Despite the controversy surrounding his personal life, Malik’s first wife, Payal, has publicly defended their polygamous marriage.
  • The debate surrounding polygamy continues, with some arguing that it is a personal choice and others stating that it goes against societal norms and values.
  • Malik’s personal life has sparked a conversation about the intersection of tradition and modernity in India’s changing society.
  • Malik’s second wife, Kritika Malik, recently gave birth to a baby boy, adding another child to the family and raising questions about the future of their unconventional family dynamic.

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